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Renata Novoselec author of a new violin methodology for teaching deaf
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  07/25/2018 | Music , Education | Unrated
Thomas Sanderling, conductor: 'It is revolution in world of music and in world of deaf people.'

Renata Novoselec, violin professor in Zagreb, Croatia, author of a novel method for violin teaching for deaf

It is not novelty that deaf people can create music. It was always some kind of inexplicable talent, a 'gift' that only few had.

The question we ask is: "What about deaf people today, is it possible for them to play instruments?"

"Yes, it is!" Daniel Musa, 100% deaf, who learned how
to play the violin in only two months!

Watch the video on Violinmusic4all:

Innovation that stops the silence

The project is based on meaningful innovation
  • It represents a new methodology of learning how to play the violin
  • In addition to the developmental component, the project has therapeutic goals
  • It is focused on deaf people, and also on those with physical and mental disabilities
  • It is available for anyone who wants to learn how to play the violin, but hasn't had any formal musical education yet

Renata Novoselec, violin profesor, methodology author & art director

"Prof. Novoselec has stepped out of the box and with her enthusiasm, persistence, and love for the violin and for people, she has conveyed knowledge to those who need it the most."
Ph.D. Martina Šunić Omejc,
specialist pediatrician

"Music is a language of vibrations that connects us all. Now, with the ViolinMusic4all system, we can expand it even more."
David Danzmayr, conductor of Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

The two-month timeframe would be unbelievable even for a person who hears perfectly!"
Dario Cebic, professor at the Austrian Musical Academy

"When they told me about the project and Daniel, I was surprised. But when I heard him play, I was in shock."
Orest Shourgot, concertmaster of Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

'It is revolution in world of music and in world of deaf people.'
Thomas Sanderling, world's famous German conductor

Let's make sure that anyone who wants to can play the violin!

Support: students individually or the whole project

Facebook: @violinmusic4all
Instagram: violin_music_4_all

For what we need your support?

  • Opening an Institute and renting an educational premises
  • Buying violins and other necessary materials
  • Engagement of speech therapists, psychologistsand translators
  • Licensing and educating professors who will work using the Violinmusic4all system
  • Organization of guest appearances, performances and concerts

Art hill d.o.o


Iva ŠŒalamon Reškovac, project manager
+385 91 5564 406

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