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Lovro Pogorelic Croatian pianist founder and art director of the PagArtFestival on the island of Pag
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  06/11/2015 | Music | Unrated
Festival is taking place on the native island of Pag of maestro Lovro Pogorelic

Lovro Pogorelić, Croatian pianist, the founder and art director of the PagArtFestival, professor at the Music Academy of the University of Zagreb.
Pag is the name of the town in which the festival takes place, as well as of the corresponding island. Photo by Josip Portada.


PagArtFestival was founded in 1999 and it has already become a tradition to have it opened by Lovro's recital. Lovro traces his origin to Pag, and the Festival originated out of his wish to help and dignify life of the town of Pag by meaningful companionship of quality through various projects.

The town of Pag is a small renaissance town made of stone, a zoning unicum well known not only by the famous lace and cheese, but also by the tradition of cultural events. Pag has five churches, among which the Church of St. Francis is the Festival’s main stage with wonderful acoustics, as much as the beautiful St. Mary's Church in the Old Town of Pag. The Festival realises a high level diverse arts programme.

Among the performers were Russian pianists Andrei Gavrilov and Konstantin Bogino, Eugen Indjic (France, SAD), opera star Dunja Vejzović (Croatia), guitarists Aniello Desiderio (Italy), Zoran Dukić (Croatia), Petrit Çeku (Kosovo/Croatia) and Krešimir Bedek (Croatia), lutenist Edin Karamazov (BiH/Croatia), Piano Trio Tchaikovsky (Russia-France-Great Britain), Brahms Trio Moscow, string quartets Shostakovich (Russia) and Fine Arts and Meridian (USA), Tartini Quartet (Slovenia), violinists Grigory Zhislin (Russia/ Germany), Stefan Milenkovich (Serbia/Italy), Nikita Borisoglebsky (Russia) and Ilja Grubert (Nederland), cellist Monika Leskovar (Croatia), Rodoevre Percussions Copenhagen, ZUM Quintet (GB), Cappella Istropolitana (Czech Republic), but also some young artists and numerous amateur ensembles from Pag itself. Among them, the Company which performs the traditional folk play Paška robinja (The Slave from Pag), a symbolic representation of the eternal desire of Croatian people for freedom and independence, deserves to be mentioned.

Among the exhibitions were: Paška čipka (The Lace from Pag, Etnographic Museum Zagreb, produced by architect Nenad Fabijanić), Svitlošnji put (The Path of Light, photographs by Mio Vesović/MO), Briju(o)ni (photographs by Damir Fabijanić), acrylics by Dino Trtovac and gouache painting by the bard of Croatian visual arts, late Edo Murtić. , In 2008, the Festival promoted monodrama The State of Nation by a great Croatian artist Filip Šovagović, who has shot a documentary film that summer of Lovro Pogorelić’s concert in St. Mary’s Church in the Old Town of Pag. The film called The Concert was shown in 2009 in the same place. Some concerts were held along with the reading of poetry, by Natalia Vorobjova Hržić (Russia/Croatia), Niels Hav (Denmark) and a famous Croatian poet Luko Paljetak.


Photo by Josip Portada.

Program of the 2015 PagArtFestival

Friday 31st of July
concert at St. Mary's Church in the Old Town Pag at 9p.m.
Monika Leskovar & Giovanni Sollima, cello duo
after the concert - opening of the photo exhibition by Josip Portada in St. George's Church in Pag

Saturday, 1st of August  
concert in St. Catherine's Church in Novalja at 9p.m.
Monika Leskovar & Giovanni Sollima, cello duo

Monday, 1st of August    
concert in St. Francis’ Church in Pag at 9p.m.

Monday, 3rd of August    
concert in St. Francis’ Church in Pag at 9p.m.
Lovro Pogorelić, piano

Tuesday, 4th of August
concert in St. Catherine's Church in Novalja at 9p.m.
Lovro Pogorelić, piano

Thursday, 6th of August
concert in St. Mary's Church in the Old Town Pag at 9p.m.
Nikita Boriso-Glebsky, violin & Krešimir Bedek, guitar

Friday, 7th of August
concert in St. Catherine's Church in Novalja at 9p.m.
Nikita Boriso-Glebsky, violin & Krešimir Bedek, guitar
after the concert - opening of the photo exhibition by Josip Portada at Novalja Town Museum

Sunday, 9th of August  
concert in St. Francis’ Church in Pag at 9p.m.
Darko Petrinjak, guitar

Monday, 10th of August    
concert in the Church of St. Luc and Mark in Kolan at 9p.m.
Darko Petrinjak, guitar

Friday, 14th of August
PagArtFestival presents young musicians: concert in St. Francis’ Church in Pag at 9p.m. Anamarija Milić, violin & Ana Lucić, piano


For the last 17 years PagArtFestival brings to Pag high level artists from Croatia and all around the world, presenting serious music in serious performances for a serious audience, with some other type of artistic events ... From this summer, not only in the town of Pag but also in Novalja and Kolan.

artistic director: Lovro Pogorelich
ass. art. dir.: Krešimir Bedek
production, organization and PR: Nina Pogorelich, contact: +385 91 110 1996
assistants: Ana Pogorelich and Ivana Maržić

Josip Portada: Landscape around the island of Pag, behind it is the legendary Croatian mountain of Velebit.

Lovro POGORELICH (1970) received his first piano lessons from his father Ivan, a classically trained musician. At the age of twelve Lovro began studying with the Russian pianist and pedagogue Konstantin Bogino. Upon turning thirteen, he gave his first recital featuring works by Schumann, Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninov, and two years later he appeared as a soloist in the Robert Schumann’s Piano Concerto.

Lovro has been performing regularly since 1987. He has thus played in most of the cities in Croatia, as a soloist, and with almost all the bigger orchestras in the country. Besides concerts in his homeland, Lovro has also performed in France (Salle Gaveau, Paris, Palais des Festivals, Cannes), Switzerland (Kongreshaus, Zürich, Festival Sion), UK (Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room – Southbank Centre, London), Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark (Tivoli and Radiohaus, Copenhagen, Louisiana, Humlebaek), Finland (Kuopio Music Centre), Sweden (Nybrokajen 11), Norway, Bulgaria (Bulgaria Hall, Sofia), Canada (Walter Hall, Toronto; Montreal), Japan (Suntory Hall and Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo; Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka), Russia (Shostakovich Grand Philharmonic Hall, St. Petersburg, Moscow International House of Music and Gnessins' Academy Music Hall Moscow) and USA (Lincoln Centre – Alice Tully Hall, New York, Washington D.C.), as well as Slovenia (Cankarjev dom), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Sarajevo and Mostar), Montenegro (Kotor, Podgorica), Serbia (NOMUS 2000, 2004, 2010, Kolarac and Sava Centar, Belgrade), Macedonia (Skopje), both as a soloist and with different orchestras.

In 1993 Lovro left for Paris, where he spent a year-long stint under the patronage of the French Crédit National foundation; during that time he gave a number of performances and recorded a CD for the French label Lyrinx, featuring works by Modest Mussorgsky (Pictures at an Exhibition) and Sergei Prokofiev (Sonata No. 7).

He has also recorded one of the first musical DVDs in the world (Ludwig van Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 with the Danish Odense Symphony Orchestra for DENON) and has made numerous other recordings for the Croatian, French, Dutch and Danish radio stations.

French music TV channel MEZZO made a documentary on the recording of his CD Liszt by Intrada, Paris, in February 2006. The CD was later promoted at an excellent concert at the Salle Gaveau, generating fantastic reviews. Next CD (Moussorgski, Rachmaninov) was releised in November 2008, also by Intrada. Immediately upon release the CD became the CD of the month on the French web portal Pianobleu.

In April 2012 he made a tour with Hungarian National Philharmonic and Mo. Zoltán Kocsis ((House of Arts, Miskolc; National Theatre, Széged; Kodály Centre, Pécs; Bartók Hall, Debrezen; Béla Bartók National Concert Hall / Palace of Arts Budapest)

Lovro Pogorelich teaches piano at the Zagreb Music Academy, University of Zagreb.
He is the founder and art director of the PagArtFestival.
He lives between Zagreb and Moscow.


Maestro Lovro Pogorelić

Nina Pogorelić, Lovro's wife and a member
of the organizing team of the Festival


Unatrag 17 godina PagArtFestival pod umjetničkim vodstvom pijanista Lovre Pogorelića dovodi istaknute umjetnike iz Hrvatske i svijeta te prezentira ozbiljnu glazbu u ozbiljnoj izvedbi za ozbiljnu publiku, uz poneka umjetnička događanja druge vrste …Od ovoga ljeta ne samo u Pagu, nego i u Novalji i Kolanu.

Program ovogodišnjeg festivala u velikom dijelu donosi djela koja dopiru u neke više dimenzije nalik aluziji, snu, snoviđenju. Violončelistički duo Leskovar-Sollima izvest će meditativnu sonatu francuskog baroknog velikana M. Maraisa, Solliminu obradu Preludija za faunovo poslijepodne i Solliminu originalnu kompoziciju The Interpretation of Dreams. Lovro Pogorelić svirat će Schubertovu posljednju sonatu u kojoj je autor uspio manipulirati vremenom i Ťglazbenim sjećanjimať, i fantastičnu Schumannovu Kreislerianu u kojoj se nadmeću dvije strane Schumannove psihe – impulzivni Florestan i sanjarski Eusebius.

Nikita Boriso-Glebskij i Krešimir Bedek Ťotpjevatť će zajedno na violini i gitari dvije uspavanke – Nana i Asturias iz Španjolske suite M. de Falle,

hrvatski gitaristički velikan Darko Petrinjak izvest će, među ostalim, Nocturno Slavka Fumića, a mlade glazbenice Anamarija Milić (violina) i Ana Lucić (klavir) Wagnerov San iz Wesendonck pjesama te Ples sablasti Ivane Lang.

Koncerte će popratiti izložba fotografija Josipa Portade naslovljena ŤKamen i snoviť, o kojoj autor kaže: ŤKamen i snovi su stalnost otoka, dio vremenskog lanca na kojem su,s jedne i s druge strane, ljubav, upornost i stvaranje, sve ono bez čega na golom kamenjaru ne bi bilo čovjeka. Čini se kao da otok postoji kako bi kamenu dao smisao, a čovjek je tu kako bi tom postojanju darovao misao i snove.”

Nina Pogorelić

From previous Pag Art Festivals...

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