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Ana Vidovic Croatian guitarist playing Sonatina & Suite Castellana by Federico Moreno Torroba
By Darko Žubrinić | Published  12/21/2012 | Music , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Ana Vidović interviewed by Steve Halpern on 9th December 2009, as a guest of the Arts of Westchester

Ana Vidović, Croatian classical guitarist, gave more than thousand public performances worldwide.

Ana Vidović, distinguished Croatian guitarist, is playing Sonatina & Suite Castellana by Federico Moreno Torroba. Pure joy for ears. And eyes. As Mr. Andres Okorn put it, "Sie ist eine Ausgezeichnete Gitarristin, Excellente Musikerin und eine sehr schoene Frau...". She was interviewed by Steve Halpern on 9th December 2009, as a guest of the Arts of Westchester.

Ana Vidović is one of the greatest contemporary classical guitarists. Source of the photos

Ana Vidović in Seul, S. Korea, in 2009

Travel tales from classical guitarist Ana Vidović
13 August 2012

First picking up a guitar at the age of five, the renowned guitarist travels the globe performing songs from her six albums. Most recently she touched down in Adelaide for the International Guitar Festival. Here, she shares with us some of her travel hot spots, musical inspirations + more.

Q. What made you first pick up a guitar?

Ana. My father used to play electric guitar so everything came from him, especially the love of music. I remember being very little and listening to him playing in a band and practising for hours on end. I loved the sound as I found it very soothing. He actually recently picked up a guitar the other day for the first time in 30 years, so that was pretty amazing.
My older brother is also a classical guitarist and we sometimes play together, which is great fun.

Q. Are there any other instruments that you love to play or would like to learn?

Ana. I played a bit of piano for a few years when I was very young and am really grateful for that experience as it’s enhanced my appreciation and knowledge of music. However as the years progressed, I ran out of time to keep playing as the guitar became my focus.
I love the cello, violin and flute and have very good friends who play those instruments so we get together from time to time to perform which is a blast!

Q. You’ve experienced a huge level of success, have there been any hurdles along the way?

Ana. There are always hard times, but you learn to overcome them. When I was younger I just wanted to go out and play, but always had to spend so much time practising, which I’m now grateful for.
My love of music has kept me going. I sometimes wonder about doing other things but always keep coming back to music as I can’t imagine my life without it.
What can audiences expect to hear at one of your performances?

I tend to set the program in advance as I like to ensure there is something for everyone – some classical, modern and popular pieces. I play Astor Piazzolla, Beatles and popular classical guitar repertoire, so there’s something to suit all tastebuds.

Q. You’re constantly performing around the world, where’s your favourite place to play, and why?

Ana. I love so many places it’s hard to pick a favourite. I really love learning about different cultures.

My hot spots include Asia, I especially love Japan as the audiences are so respectful, attentive and appreciative. Also find South American people are very special and warm.  And what I’ve experienced of Australian people and audiences, I just adore. Only being here just a few days, I’ve experienced so much warmth and friendliness from Australians.

Q. What’s been your favourite holiday destination so far?

Ana. As I spend so much time travelling, I tend to go home to Croatia for holidays and adore spending time on the coast as there are so many stunning islands to investigate.

Q. How do you like to pass the time during long-haul flights?

Ana. I like to get as much rest as possible on the flight as I like to arrive at the destination feeling refreshed and rearing to go! I also love watching movies so tend to get a fix on long haul flights. I also listen to music to relax.


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