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Darko Žubrinić

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» Professor Tefko Saracevic distinguished Croatian-American expert in Information Sciences
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 09/27/2014 | Science , People , Education | Unrated
Professor Tefko Saračević studied electrical engineering at the University of Zagreb, Croatia and completed Ph.D. (1970) studies in information science at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. As principal investigator or co-principal he has received research grants from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes for Health, Department of Education, Council for Library Resources, the Rockefeller Foundation, UNESCO, and several other national and international organizations. His results are widely reported, distributed, and cited. He is recipient of honorary doctorate from the University of Zadar, which is the oldest Croatian university, founded in 1396.
» More about Marin Cilic winner of the 2014 US OPEN tennis competition and of the Gram Slam title
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 09/9/2014 | Croatians in B&H , Sports | Unrated

In this article we provide several video recordings and interviews, describing the latest success of Marin Čilić at the US OPEN 2014. It is surprising to see a young Croatian giant (197 cm) being so dominant in his games. He likes to work with children. His birthplace is Međugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has been visited by millions of pilgrims from all over the world during the past 30 years. Marin is living in Croatia's capital Zagreb.
» Epidaurus Festival in Cavat directed by Ivana Marija Vidovic offering a rich program September 8-14, 2014
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 09/7/2014 | Music , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Participants of the Epidaurus Festival: Marking 150th anniversary of the birth of Richard Strauss Jordi Vázquez, tenor,  Cláudio Suzin Rodríguez, piano (Spain); Ave Maria for Cavtat, by Oliver Lakota, trumpet, Germany, Alexander Frey, organ, USA; Tirana Virtuosi, Lorenc Radovani, violin, Ramazan Peku, violin, Gezim Belegu, cello, Arben Basha, double bass, Fatos Qerimaj, clarientte, Robert Radoja, piano; Evenings of Tino Pattiera,  etc. Program compiled by Ivana Marija Vidović, Artistic director of the Epidaurus festival, on the photo.
» Ante Glibota interview for Art Investor journal in Munich Germany conducted by Judith Eilers in 2014
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 08/29/2014 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
Mr Ante Glibota, distinguished Croatian expert in art history completed a rare bibliophilic book (83 x 63cm.) in June 2014 with Otto Piene’s lithographs and Fernando Arrabal’s poems and his introductive essay, which gave him a lot of pleasure. Another important monograph on 450 pages, aboutChinese artist Li Zhuo, who is one of the most talented artists among the younger Chinese generation, and that will be completed in November 2014, and followed by an exhibition tour in the same European museums. Another important book in preparation deals with Chicago architect Lucian Lagrange, who he follows closely since 1981. It is important to note his preparative work on Swiss multimedia artist Franziska Megert. Etc. etc.
» Festival Kvarner in Opatija celebrating five years of existence with attractive concert program for 2014
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 08/29/2014 | Music , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Mahler was here, Puccini visited it, Lehar and Kalman were regular guests. We are talking about the unique Opatija - a place, where, probably, the most beautiful (concert) venues of the entire Adriatic coast are situated. What brought us to found the Festival Kvarner? To anticipate: Only a re-foundation to revive Opatija's 100 year old tradition as a Gesamtkunstwerk has been done!  Program for 2014 includes pieces by J. Haydn, R. Strauss, Irish folk music, etc.
» Everything Is Forever makes its New York premiere at the Jacob Burns Film Center Wed. August 27, 2014!
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 08/26/2014 | Music | Unrated
Everything Is Forever makes its New York premiere at the Jacob Burns Film Center, this Wednesday August 27, 2014! Screening begins at 7:30 p.m. Victor Zimet and Stephanie Silber as well as many people from the film will be attending. After the screening there will be a question and answer session with Nenad and Vic hosted by Andrew Jupin. Everything Is Forever won a special jury prize at the 5th annual Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival on 7th August 2014!
» Drazen Prelec distinguished Croatian expert for Neuroeconomics and professor at MIT, USA
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 08/2/2014 | Science , People , Education | Unrated
Professor Drazen Prelec, born in Croatia's capital Zagreb in 1955, completed his studies of Applied Mathematics at Harvard University in 1978, and earned Ph.D in 1983 in Experimental Psychology. He is one of the leading experts in Neuroeconomics, where pscychology and neuroscience intersect. Professor Prelec investigates both the development of normative decision theory and the exploration of the empirical failures of that theory. He is professor at MIT, holding three appointments: at the Department of Economics, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and at the Sloan School of Management.
» Mladen Bestvina Croatian mathematician delivered a lecture at the Institut Henri Poincare in Paris
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 07/27/2014 | Science , Education | Unrated
Professor Mladen Bestvina is distinguished Croatian mathematician working at the University of Utah in the USA. Trained in mathematical sciences at the University of Zagreb, he is a corresponding member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In 2014 he had the honor to deliver the invited lecture at the Insitut Henry Poincare in Paris, one of the most prestigious mathematical institutions in the world. The title of his talk was "On the asymptotic dimension of a curve complex". On the photo Professor Bestvina with his wife Mrs. Cynthia.
» Michel Iellatchitch from France descendant of the Russian branch of noble Croatian family of Jelacic
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 07/23/2014 | People , History , Education | Unrated
Mr. Michel Iellatchitch, citizen of France living in the province of Alsace, visited the city of Zagreb from April 25th till 28th with his two sons Victor and François. While walking through the Zrinjevac park, a local guide, describing them important Croatian historical persons, asked them if they are familiar with the name of Jelačić. They answered: "Yes, we are Jelačić's!" Mr. Michel Ielatchitch is a descendant of the so called Russian branch of this noble Croatian family, about the history of which he has written a very nice historical survey in the French language, available via Internet.
» Pag Lace is a miracle of Croatian folk art on the island of Pag
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 07/10/2014 | Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
  A systematic teaching of preparing the Pag lace on the island of Pag near the city of Zadar started in 1906 (cancelled in 1948 and renewed in 1994). But it is known that already in the 15th century the Pag lace has been prepared within the benedictine convent of St Margarita on the island of Pag. Hundreds of hours of patient work, without any mistake, are needed to produce a high quality lace. In the town of Pag there is a Gallery of Pag Lace (Galerija paške čipke), which we warmly recommend you to see it. On the photo dating from 1916, is a little Pag lacemaker.
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