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» Michael Bilandic mayor of Chicago 1977-1979 proud of his Croatian heritage
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 01/19/2015 | People , In Memoriam , History , Education , Croatian Life Stories | Unrated
Michael Bilandic was born in 1923 in Chicago, Illinois and was one of four children born of his Croatian immigrant parents. His father was from a village near Sinj, Croatia and his mother was from the island of Brac, also in Croatia. In 1977 he was elected as Chicago’s 40th mayor until 1979. He was devoted to his family, faithful to his church, and proud of his Croatian heritage. He was presented the Vinodol Code Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the administration of justice in Illinois.
» Franjo Dugan playing organs in Zagreb during the first public registration of a gramophone record in Europe
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 12/27/2014 | Music , Croatian spirituality , Science , In Memoriam , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
The first remote public registration of a gramophone record in continental Europe was successfully organized in Croatia's capital Zagreb, 1927. It was the third such registration in the world, after the USA, New York in 1925 and GB, London in 1926. The concert of Croatian Christmas carols with Franjo Dugan as the organist in the Zagreb Cathedral (stuffed with 2000 worshippers who were singing), had been registered for the Edison - Bell - Penkala Co. in Zagreb. We mention in passing that Penkala was a famous Croatian inventor, known among others for his "chemical pen", named as penkala in his honor.
» Forum Center in Zagreb connecting Croatia, Venezuela and Latvia via Croatian Glagolitic Script
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 12/1/2014 | People , Education , Companies | Unrated
The aim of Congress Centre FORUM Zagreb is to satisfy the needs of their customers by providing dedicated and customized quality services, as well as prompt and efficient solutions at any time. It is directed by Josip Hrgetić, a Croatian born in Venezuela, and by his wife Mara Vitols Hrgetić, of Latvian origin. The Centre organizes seminars, workshops, courses, market research, launching of new products, video conferences, press conferences and other  business and social meetings. Their charming halls are docorated with Croatian Glagolitic Script, and moreover, the halls are named after Croatian Glagolitic characters.
» Petar Guberina and his Verbotonal method described by Dr. Carl Asp in Zagreb
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 11/23/2014 | People , Education , Science | Unrated
Verbotonal method is an auditory-based strategy that maximizes the listening skills of children and adults with hearing impairment and possibly other communications disorders, while simultaneously developing intelligible spoken language through binaural listening.  Originally developed by Professor Petar Guberina of Zagreb University (on the photo) for teaching normal hearing people to speak before reading a foreign language, it has been more popularly used in Europe.  However, Dr. Carl W. Asp, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) has developed both academic and research programs for its applications through the acquisition of a Federal grant since 1967.
» Carmen Verlichak author of the book Edificios y monumentos de los Croatas de la Argentina
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 11/19/2014 | People , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Carmen Verlichak is the author of a new monograph entitled Edificios y monumentos de los Croatas de la Argentina, published in 2014 by her own company Krivodol Press. She provides short stories about numerous Croatian families in Argentina. Especially interesting is the story about Father Stjepan Gregov from the island of Pašman in Croatia, who emmigrated in dramatic circumstances to Argentina. She also mentions the need for the building at Marcelo T. de Alvear street in Buenos Aires to be directed to its original purpose, a donation to the Croatian people. It was donated by Nicolas Mihanovich, a founder of Argentine Merchent marine.
» Professor Ivan Gutman distinguished Croatian expert in mathematical chemistry
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 11/19/2014 | Science , People | Unrated
Professor Ivan Gutman (b. in 1947) is holder of two PhDs: in Chemistry and in Mathematics, and is a leading international expert in mathematical chemistry in the world today. He has published 1260 professional scientific articles and is author of several research monographs published by Springer, North Holland and Nova Publishers. Professor Gutman has enormous international cooperation with numerous scientists throughout the world in his field of research.
» Filip Ude won silver medal in pommel horse at the 2014 World Gymnastics Championship in China
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 10/27/2014 | Sports | Unrated
Croatia is becoming a world super-power in gymnastic disciplines due to successes of  Filip Ude who won silver medal on the pommel horse at the World Gymnastics Championship in Nanning in China, while Marijo Možnik won silver medal on the bars. This is a big success of Croatian sports. Filip Ude thus has three silver medals from three most prestigious international gymnastics competitions: from the Olympic Games, from European Gymnastics Championships and from World Gymnastics Championships. The latest success in China is a historic event for Croatian sports.
» Darko Sertic's Applied Ceramics company in California, Croatia, Taiwan, Japan and Israel
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 10/16/2014 | People , Education , Companies , Business , Science | Unrated
Darko "Matt" Sertic is a well respected entrepreneur who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Applied Ceramics headquartered in Fremont, California. Applied Ceramics, Inc., is a worldwide leading fabricator and supplier of custom-made ceramics, quartz, silicon and sapphire components for the semiconductor processing equipment industry. The company has facilities in California, Croatia, Taiwan, Japan and Israel. He also founded the culinary academy in Sisak, Croatia, called Kul In.
» Faust Vrancic 1551-1617 Memorial Center on the island of Prvic near the town of Sibenik in Croatia
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 10/8/2014 | Bilingual , Croatian Language , Science , People , History , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Faust Vrančić was a distinguished Croatian inventor and encyclopaedist during Renaissance 16/17th centuries. Among his most important inventions we mention the parachute as we use today (very different from Leonardo da Vinci'c), suspension bridge and wind turbine. He wrote an important five language dictionary of the most noble Eureopan languages, which included Latin, Italian, German, Croatian and Hungarian. Faust Vrančić, born in the town of Šibenik, now has a superb Memorial Center on the nearby island of Prvić, where he was burried according his last wish.
» Poziv na akciju Pokretom protiv Parkinsona 3p u Maksimiru Zagreb 4. listopada 2014 u 10 sati
By Darko Žubrinić | Published 09/28/2014 | Music , Events , Education , Community | Unrated
Program za subotu 4. listopada 2014.: Park Maksimir u Zagrebu, 10-15h prezentacija načina vježbanja, 11h zajedničko hodanje Putem Nade (podrška borbi  oboljelih od Parkinsonove bolesti i sindroma), 12h koncert Nenada Bacha, Radojke Šverko i gostiju, 17 h projekcija filma „Everything Is Forever“ (Kino Tuškanac). Nakon projekcije filma bit će razgovor s Nenadom Bachom.
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