Wisdom Seeds

Wisdom Seeds

Postby radenkofanuka » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:11 pm

Beautiful America mother of the world, I strongly believe you have to be responsible for world life unresponsible. America I also believe our Election Day 2016 could be too expensive for money to buy or pay for. What money power did and could create. America and rest of the world doesn’t matter what tomorrow bring to us. Do we like or not. We will be together and share together. I prefer today for whole wide world, we should stop our clock and speed, and slow down and think a lot, over and over, again and again. Because we are not far from our life truth. I hope we all know if love cannot help us stay together and share love in life, on this earth together. Definitely world hate and poison will help us stay together and share together our human very unhealthy creation and will not be late. World I am hundred percent sure, only love can help and share sunrise for all of us and with all of us to be able healthy live underneath the sky. Thank you God for love and freedom. Love is freedom and freedom is love.
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