Croatian project – innovative architecture “The Bowl“

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Croatian project – innovative architecture “The Bowl“

Postby Ratimir Mocnaj » Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:24 am

Dear Sirs and Ladies, Croat people and friends,

let me introduce You the prestige croatian project – innovative architecture “The Bowl“ – for what I belive that You and Your acquaintances in the world would be interested for. And with this letter I am asking You and our Croat people and friends, if You would be most kind, to help me get the right contacts to the Developers and Investors.

In the attachment of this mail I am sending You the specimen Brouchure in which You can see the contour of concept and simulations of the elite building “The Bowl“.

The Bowl.JPG
The Bowl.JPG (95.56 KiB) Viewed 1276 times

At the first moment this my design of the architecture “The Bowl“ was intended for the elite multi-residential building in my birth town the Zagreb and in the Dubrovnik and now this project is intended for a cosmopolitian cities of the world, like New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Monaco, Muenchen, Frankfurt etc.

This project I am proposing to anyone who would be interested for this building project, as potential collaborative the Partner, to achieve it together in collaborative partnership with confidential Partners developers, investment exponents – the Investors and constructing companies in the world.

This project needs a little preliminary help; first it needs to be provided with the right contacts.

So, I am interested for the collaborative work with You and Your acquaintances – to share this project and to act for it together.

Architecture “The Bowl“ can be, at the first place, the elite multi-residential building with the very luxury apartments which can have a very high price at the market for the high society.

Map.JPG (57.01 KiB) Viewed 1274 times

But, also, architecture “The Bowl“ can be the business building /palace/ like - corporate headquarters – for the powerful companies for the third millennium. Or it can be the Government’s representative building / palace. Instead of the apartments in modular units there can be situated corporate, or Government constitution’s, representative offices and open-space interiors.

Also architecture “The Bowl“ can be a very luxurious hotel.

Or it can be representative the Institute of third millennium.

Total investment value of this building project is estimated to about 40 milion american dollars (or 30 milion Euros) whether this object is going to be the multi-residential elite building or the luxury hotel or the business building.

The residential building would have about 80 elite suits (depending on joining two or more apartment unites in to the one apartment) – cca. netto 11 000 m2 – and two underground levels with the 120 private garage positions – boxes, and with the 170 underground parking positions. The building “The Bowl“ would have: ground floor + 14 upground floors + 2 underground levels. It’s upground volume (the bowl) would be 50 meters high and 55 meters wide. And that requires a plot – ground surface of about 100 meters x 100 meters.

If architecture “The Bowl“ has intention to be the elite residential object than it is expected, in the specific moment before building, that this luxury apartments should be sold at auction – to the highest price – among the prestige (economically powerful) customers which is interesting for the investors. Or, in the end, building “The Bowl“ can be a very special and luxury hotel (sybollically said; iconic planetary hotel).

Therefore, dear Sirs and Ladies, Croat people and friends, I belive that You and the Partners in the world will be interested for this cultural and real estate project; croatian architecture “The Bowl“, and that is why I am proposing our collaborative work on this progress for any cosmopolitian city.

World needs initiative the placebo effect.

Untill our next contact, please, accept the best regards.

Bozo Simunovic

"Don’t look what the Planet Earth can do for you, but what you can do for our home Planet"

(my cosmopolitian definition translated from the J. F. Kennedy)

“We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us“

Winston Churchill (Parlamentary speech 1943)

In the attachment:

_ the specimen Brouchure; photosimulations and the concept of architecture “The Bowl“

_ map of the architectural works – architect Bozo Simunovic

Bozo Simunovic,
trg J. F. Kennedya 12
Zagreb, Croatia, Europe

telephone / 00385 98 654 089

[attachment=2]architecture -the bowl- _ architect bozo simunovic.pdf
architecture -the bowl- _ architect bozo simunovic.pdf
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