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Postby Niko » Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:15 am

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Poreč, 9. 9. 2017


I humbly ask All members of the Croatian People in Croatia and throughout the World, not to side with enemies who by any means wish to divide us. The late and first President of the Republic of Croatia, Franjo Tuđman, united the Croatian people and with that he ended the Second World War. By uniting his forces, he managed to free Croatia from Serbian aggression and domestic traitors.
That said, it is for the first time in history of Croatia that we have an internationally recognized State of Croatia. Nonetheless, enemies of our People and our State want us to revisit our past and bring us back the Second World War status.
It is fair to say that they want to destroy the unity that Dr. Franjo Tudjman achieved.
Our enemies, by removing and destroying monuments of the past only bring us back to the past. This senseless destructive behavior does not allow us to live together in peace as citizens of Croatia or will that build the state of Croatia, that same Croatia for which, tens of thousands of her best, sons and daughters, have fallen and for centuries, honorable Croatian people are and have been persecuted.

People of Croatia, do not allow them to divide us on any ground except if its based on honest and dishonest, moral and immoral, honorable and dishonorable, patriot or enemy basis. All other divisions are directed against you, your children, grandchildren and against your and their future. Our enemies feed on our sorrow, your sorrow! We need to come to terms and realize that some aspects of this immoral past no one can correct because it happened in the past. In order to move forward, we within us need to accept that, that part of history belongs to that past, the same past our enemies use to keep us at bay and from moving forward. It is this past that divides us even further rips apart the already deep gaping wounds that bring about revolt in the eyes of many.

What was obvious in Zagreb is; the removal of memorial panel commemorating Croatian Defenders in Jasenovac. In doing so, they intentionally brought to the forefront blistering old scars, which serve as a reminder of the destruction, devastation, pain and brutality of our past, something we can not proud of. Their brutal and inhumane behavior, their cruelty, savagery and hostility toward Croatian people and Croatia so intense that it took 70 years to move forward and continue to build a better future.
Unfortunately, with it come to exist individuals who build monuments on other peoples graves, those who actively and publicly stand at the aside of the enemy of the Croatian people and managed to open the Pandora's box. Generally, they succeeded in opening not only irreversible wounds but create new ones thereby, deny the unity necessary to build a happy future.

People of Croatia wake up and forever let your enemies know; Those who in any way, shape or form, wishes to indoctrinate you in wherever they do. Please, tell them to go back to like minded groups they come from and belong, place where they are free to re-live their past but under all circumstances leave us alone. People of Croatia, do not allow our enemies to ride on the wings of our tragedy and misfortune because with it, they can take away your future! Today our young people have no jobs therefore, in Croatia they have no secure future and once again they are systematically forced to leave their homeland. In the past, for political reasons and now economically, they have to leave a country, which has the resources to secure a happy and economic future for 20 million people. Enemies destroy all moral values. The abusers of Croatia exempted morally as the basic measure of the value of man.

People of Croatia, do not allow them to destroy the work of the late Dr. Franjo Tuđman's actions communion or his achievements. He never touched the past because he knew how painful and sad it was. He knew what it meant to open raw wounds, especially those in the older generation from our past. Those are wounds that can never heal completely for as long as they live!

My beloved Honorable Croatian People, your suffering should not be used as tool where wounds are reapplied at the whim of your enemies, because it is you who sacrificed in favor of the better and happier future for us all. The Enemies of the Croatian people must not succeed in their intention and unrealistic goal. It can not, will not work! It will not be allowed by Defenders Honorable Members of the Croatian People. This will not be allowed by Croats living and working around the world. This, will not allow them the Croatian intelligence, which knows how to recognize the enemies of the Croatian People and the State of Croatia. They will not be allowed by the honorable, moral defenders, who were prepared to give their life to the State of Croatia. These moral honorable protectors and defenders will not allow the lives of their fellow soldiers and the suffering of the veterans invalids of the Homeland War to be futile.

Mr. sc. Niko Šoljak
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