Vincenti Moricich  was born in 1854 on the Island of Hvar, Dalmatia.  His parents were Lucas and Maria Moricich, both members of old and prominent families.  As a young boy Vincenti learned fishing with his father. He spent a part of his early days in Venice, Italy, and some in the land of his birth.  At the age of thirteen he began his career as a sailor, sailing under many different flags on various ships, his cruises taking him into the waters of the Mediterranean, Black, Red and Baltic Seas, to the East and West Indies, through all of the oceans, twice each around Capes Horn and Good Hope, and into innumerable ports.  Arriving in San Francisco in 1872 he stayed their but a short time, then came to San Pedro, where he engaged in fishing, subsequently going to the Columbia River salmon fishing beds and fishing as far north as Victoria.  In 1890 Moricich settled in Avalon, Santa Catalina Island.  He owned three launches, the Mascot, Wavepress and Sea Bass, and a number of small boats and had the largest fishing business on the island.  His marriage in Wilmington united him with Josephine Gimelier, a native of Santa Barbara, and a daughter of Fortunato Gimelier, who came from Marseilles, France, to Santa Barbara, then moved to Wilmington, where the daughter was raised.  Mr. and Mrs. Moricich became the parents of the following children: Lucy, wife of John Roberts, of Avalon; Vincenti, who was drowned in Avalon Bay at the age of nineteen years; Tony and Lucas, who assisted their father in business; Alice; Ruth; Magdalene; Irene; Estella; Violet; and Mary, who died in July, 1906.  His daughter Ruthie (Griffin) was the first white person born on Catalina Island in 1892.  Moricich was for many years the Constable of Catalina.