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Spancirfest in Varazdin, a Baroque city in Croatia
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic
Published on 09/5/2008
 The Varaždin Špancirfest is a regular festival devoted to craftsmanship, music and entertainment by the end of August and beginning of September each year. This very pleasant manifestation visited by thousands of people. It is a paradise for children.

Varaždin festival, part 1

The Varaždin Purgar in front of the City Hall

More than 1600 participants of the 2008 Špancirfest in Varaždin from about twenty countries participated as musicians, acrobats, performers, etc., during ten days. Especially interesting are exhibitions of Croatian craftsmen.

Solemn exchange of Purgars in Varaždin

"Luna" from the town of Samobor exhibiting their products (M. Reizera 18, Samobor, Croatia), mob. +385 91 562 1402

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Varaždin festival, part 2

Robert Garafolić, a young Croatian artist from the city of Varaždin, e-mail

Juraj Križanić (1618-1683), a famous Croatian ecumenist, known for his books written in Siberia, lived also in Varaždin. His book Razgovory ob vladatel'stve (Discussion about Governement) served as a handbook to Peter the Great, founder of the modern Russian state.

The famous Varaždin cathedral, where the Varaždin Baroque Evenings are organized each year, devoted to Baroque music.

The Varaždin  Feudal Fortress - The Old Town

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Varaždin festival, part 3

Croatian Lace - learning the art

Ivan Padovec guitar - a copy of his guitar made by Vlado Proskurnjak, Varaždin

Varaždin calligrapher

Flag of the city of Varaždin.

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Varaždinske toplice, part 4

Varaždinske toplice spa exist from Roman times

The main entrance to the Varaždinske toplice spa from Roman times.

Varaždinske toplice

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