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Miss Croatia 2007 Tatjana Jeremic goes to Miss World contest in China
By Nenad N. Bach
Published on 11/3/2007
Tatjana has to bring the national flag, a book about Croatia, 3 stones and pictures of plants specific of the country, in order to present it to other participants. The Miss World contest will take place on December 1, 2007.

Miss Croatia 2007 is from Vukovar

Tatjana Jeremic, Miss Croatia 2007, goes to China. During their stay in China, the competitors will participate at the welcome dinner for the humanitarian auction of the Red Cross in Peking. Tatjana will collect money for a humanitarian auction as a present to poor children in China, and will bring Vučedol dove. Vučedol is a famous archological site near the town of Vukovar, and she is from Vukovar.

The directors of the world competition require every representative to bring their national flag, a book about the country they come from, 3 stones and pictures of plants specific to their country, in order to present their country to the other participants. Her motto is "Be positive!"

The world contest will take place on Saturday, December 1, 2007 at which the 57th Miss World will be chosen.


The official flower of the Republic of Croatia is Iris (perunika in Croatian; you can see Iris Croatica, photo from the Botanical Garden, Zagreb):

There are numerous traces of much older civilizations throughout Croatia. Especially interesting is the Vucedol Culture (Early Bronze Age, 3000-2200 B.C.), discovered in the region near Vukovar, contemporary to the Ancient Egypt (the Old Kingdom), the Sumerian civilization, the Old Troy. On the photo you can see the famous Vucedol Dove, a bird-shaped cult vessel, lavishly incrusted. From ornaments of some pots we know that the Vucedol culture had the oldest calendar in Europe, older (though less sophisticated) than the one in Stonehenge.

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