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Cultural cooperation between Croatia and Mongolia
By Nenad N. Bach
Published on 06/25/2007

Cultural cooperation between East and West
Cultural cooperation between Croatia and Mongolia

A memorandum of acceptance between Croatian Ministry of Culture and Mongolian Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has been signed, in order to achieve development and stronger cooperation in art and culture.
Croatian Minister of Culture expressed his deep belief that cooperation will contribute promotion of mutual awareness, respect, understanding and friendship between the two countries, and that the two ministries will initiate stronger connections in the field of art and culture.

The memorandum, signed for the period of three years, relates governmental as well as nongovernmental cultural and artistic organizations.

At the meeting ministers discussed the possibilities of cultural programs exchange, and in this connection Mongolia will host two Croatian exhibitions: Contemporary Croatian drawing and World heritage in Croatia. Also, the show about the famous warrior and the founder of Mongolia Jingis Kahn, after its presentation in Budapest, will be introduced in Croatia.

(D.Hu., 14.6.2007.)


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