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Canon National Parks Science Scholarship will award eight US$80,000 scholarships
By Prof. Dr. Mario Viscovich
Published on 03/20/2007

Research critical to conserving national parks to Ph.D. students

Apply for a 2007 Canon National Parks Science Scholarship (Deadline 3 May) The program, a collaboration of Canon, AAAS, and the US National Park Service, will award eight US$80,000 scholarships to Ph.D. students throughout the Americas to conduct research critical to conserving national parks. Research projects in the biological,  physical, social, and cultural sciences are eligible, as well as projects in technology innovation in support of conservation science. For information and a copy of the Application Guide, go  to:
prof.dr. Mario Viscovich, Ph.D., P.E.
Croatian World Congress
International Representative
to the United Nations
Tel. (845) 621-0108
Fax (845) 621-0374

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