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Croatian Language Tutor Needed: Lynchburg, VA
By Mary Weise
Published on 03/9/2007

Looking for Croatian Tutor in Lynchburg, VA
Croatian Language Tutor Needed


Please allow me to introduce myself.á My name is Mary Weise and I am a Language Specialist with Cartus.á I am emailing you because I am searching for a Croatian language tutor to give private lessons to a businessman in the Washington, DC area who is being transferred to Croatia.

Would you please pass this information on to anyone who might qualified and available?á If anyone is interested, they can send me a resume (including preferred hourly rate) at or call me atá 1-877-818-7603, ext. 8.á

About Cartus

Cartus is an international relocation firm that offers language training as a service to our customers.á Cartus Global Professional Services department designs and delivers customized cross-cultural and foreign language training programs.

Our international assignment services maintain the success of an international assignment for our clients, from the outset of an assignment to its conclusion. These services include international candidate assessment, intercultural training, language training, and repatriation integration support. More specifically, our language training department relies on freelance teachers for inpat and expat families.

For more information about Cartus and our services, I invite you to visit our website at

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Mary Weise

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