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Transforming Culture from Empire to Earth community - Dubrovnik June 3-9, 2007
By Mirna Sugar
Published on 03/2/2007

Praxis conference to be held in Dubrovnik
Transforming Culture from Empire to Earth community

June 3- 9, 2007
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Is Culture subject to transformation?

Or, does society through unconscious social blueprints, simply recycle the same patterns century after century in updated packaging? Our history is replete with recurring stories of war, exploitation, and empire. If there a season for everything as Ecclesiastes proclaims, are we simply pushing a revolving door with no escape? Or, can the season of war and empire be challenged with cultural interventions that replace the stories of domination with examples of partnership and respect? We are at a crossroads in human history. On the verge of rendering our planet uninhabitable within a century or less, it is time to ask the hard questions about the accepted norms in society, religion, economics, politics and cultural identities. It is the purpose of the 2007 Praxis Conference to examine the stories that will transform culture from the myths of empire to the stories of respectful
global community.

Conference Sponsors:

The Institute of Noetic Sciences,
YES! Magazine,
The Institute of Imaginal Studies,
DESA (Dubrovnik),
Quantum Seminars (Denmark) and others.

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