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CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, November 7th, 2006
By Nenad N. Bach
Published on 11/8/2006


CROWN Croatian World Network

Dear All,
Two months have passed since the last editorial. Didn't forget about you... my little ...pahuljice (snowflakes). Thank you for your kind words, tons of letters of encouragement and praise. It keeps me going. Here: a lot of traveling, a lot of change. Few tectonic movements, election is even difficult to start when the pile is so high in front of you. Usually I take the closest item regardless of the priority. First, today, if you live in the USA, you have a privilege to exercise your democratic right. You can vote. About rethinking the word "democratic" or "democracy" I will save for some other editorial letter, but it is obvious to me that what used to be the goal, isn't anymore. It used to be kings and queens, but now we call it something different and the role of power is the same, just changed the hands. Today, in my,  New York's 29th, district, we have a refreshing candidate, a fellow musician, John Hall. You can read his Energy Policy or his thoughts on Solving the Energy Crisis, that anybody can read and use as a guide. When I say anybody, I mean any country, including Croatia. We should stop following the EU and start to lead into the direction of clean energy.  "An Apollo-program or Marshall Plan equivalent commitment to conservation and alternative energy: solar, wind, hydroelectric, bio-diesel, geothermal, and old-fashioned efficiency.". In Chicago, Croatian American Tony Peraica is running for the Cook County Board President. We wish him luck and if you live in Chicago, go out and vote. In California we have an independent candidate for US Senate, Croatian American Connor Vlakancic. You have to read the instructions on how to vote for Connor. You have to Write-In the candidate. In a few words, I will recommend a few letters to you. Read about Dr. Frank Gruich, a Biloxi native. Legendary dr. G. Richard Gere was in Croatia thanks to Jadran Film. Up again. We'll keep our fingers crossed. The Croatian Heritage Foundation calls all publishers, book stores and individuals to involve themselves in an Exhibition of publishing activities in Croatian emigration, which is to be held between 7 - 11 th of November 2006. Our Ivan Ljubicic and Mario Ancic are winning left and right. Incredible year for both. Check Don Wolf's photo exhibition. Natural as it comes. Beyond the Call by Croatian American filmmaker Adrian Belic, is doing the festival circuit, very successfully. To remind you. The Belic brothers were nominated for Oscar a few years ago. And Rightfully so. Cro Cop on the top of the world with PRIDE victory. Violent, but honest. Nadalina on the German market. Croatian spices are doing very well. Croatia knots world's biggest tie. Tireless Academia Cravatica . Amazing. Kukoc to wait for a year or more. Janica as well. They gave a lot. Old photos of Croatians, submitted by Robert Settich. Opinion letter by Livia Puljak. "Returning to a country in transition is both challenging and rewarding - though not recommended for gentle souls expecting a red carpet." Festival of Croatian Music in Vienna, Austria. Did you know that Fiorello LaGuardia spoke a few Croatian dialects? And that was written in his obituary. Thanks to Michael Spudic, you can read it on CROWN. Croatian American photographer Zoran Orlic published a new book called "The FRAMES: Behind the Glass" Support our artist by buying their work. That is the best support. Zoran is an incredible artist and equally quality man. Croatian American Ana Vidovic from Karlovac rides on a way of success. Doors-Art foundation is presenting Croatian movies the first and last Thursday of every month in New York. Check the listings on , book the ticket at   Mondo Bobo is next? Read about Miroslav Loncar, associate professor of guitar and artist-in-residence at William Carey University, who recently returned from spending the summer teaching guitar in his home country of Croatia. Read prof. dr. Ante Simonic's writings (only in Croatian, for now). It is worth your time. Gorbacev visited Croatia, as do many of Russian billionaires. They counted 80 so far. New comic book Reisinger? If you didn't see anything lately, they have it. Businessmen from western Australia on a second visit to Croatia. Lord of DNA Rings are from Croatia. Ksenija Zahradka and Miro Radman, shook the world with their "immortal" anti virus.I was privilaged to be at the presentation in Split at the In a study to be published online this week by Nature, Miroslav Radman and colleagues describe a novel two-stage DNA repair process that enables the bacterium to rebuild its genome.  And who said that we can not beat England in soccer? Croatia:England 2:0. Vatreni, did it again. Josip Slavenski and his 110th birthday celebration in New York. Few flats (apartments) for buying and/or renting in Croatia. Solid buildings, plus surrounded by nature and still in the city. Read about Sculptor Ivan Klapez (not to be confused with Ivan Klapez, tenor for Klapa Sinj) and his sculpture of Stepinac. I had a privilege to see him in London in his atelier and was very impressed by his talent and personality. Number of articles by prof. dr. Darko Zubrinic. Did you see the rainbow? At the moment the article is at the bottom of the page, just for one day, because of the elections, but it will be up there, tonight when they close the polls. Hilda's letters on Zinfandel. The Reims Evangelistary, or The Coronation Book, a Croatian glagolitic book written in 1395 in Prague, Czechia, kept in Reims in France since the 16th century, with which French kings were sworn in during the coronation in the Reims cathedral, among them Louis XIV. Another pearl from Darko. His webpage is well of historical information. No wonder that Library of Congress has a link to that page. Does anybody relevant in Zagreb knows that. Man is a genius. You can only imagine what could happen if there was a sustained support for such talent. HR Tango produced a Tango Video. Check their webpage and passion. Thanks to WillyTerrazas Muller, CROWN is informed about new events of HR Tango. Osijek and Slavonija, active as you can imagine. From taking first prizes in Italy to a new patent called Dentamete ( toothpaste in a tablet). Biti Bolji blog is better and better. Proglasenje gospodarskog pojasa. Now that is a subject. Banja Luka Diocese from 1881 to 2006. Small earthquake in Zagreb. Enough to make you think. New bulletin from Croatian Embassy in Washington DC. Many activities in the last month. Croatian Lace and Ivana Kunc at Carnegie (will be back on the top tonight). Come and see Ivana Kunc on Dec 9th. Support Croatian artists by showing up at their concerts. Thank you again for coming to the concert halls when Klapa Sinj and I performed in front of full houses. Truffle fever hits Croatia's Istria peninsula - for their supposed aphrodisiac effect. Croatian Handball Team Wins Statoil World Cup. Reported by Violi Calvert from Australia. Bryan Adams coming to Osijek. Fashion Show is behind. Miro Sinovcic exhibits in New York again. Read NFCAs newsletter.
In the new issue of CROWN newsletter, we will prepare for you a story about reshaped Jana Water on the American market, new publishing on Peter Tomich by Admiral Robert J. Lunney. (Man deserves our recognition). Number of newspapers and magazines that are printed in millions of copies, carry the message of Croatian American bravery, through the bravery of Peter Tomich and effort and genuine support of fellow sailor Admiral R.J. Lunney. Awards of Dr. Natalija Novak.

In the last few days I was able to see and talk to many interesting people from president Bill Clinton and Miroslav Radman to Goran Milic and the new UN Ambassador Amir Muharemi. I expect to develop CROWN into a more visual media, where, we will be able to interview people who have something substantially to say. From Agabekov and pater Marijan Jurcevic to Darko Zubrinic.  

Svako dobro,


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..and yes, that was me on Piramida HTV. Practicing public speech.

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