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Dublin Launch for “THE FRAMES: Behind the Glass”
By Marko Puljiĉ
Published on 09/27/2006

Croatian-American photographer Zoran Orlic, will be in Dublin, Ireland this weekend, October 1st to promote the launch of his book "THE FRAMES: Behind the Glass." The launch will feature an exhibit of photographs from the book and an appearance by the Frames. Zoran will also be on hand to sign copies of the book.


Croatian-American Photographer to Celebrate Book Launch

Dublin Launch for "THE FRAMES: Behind the Glass"

October 1st at the Gallery Number One -

I want to thank all the crazed Frames fans that will be at the book launch in Dublin via The Frames website/newsletter contest. Many thanks to The Frames and Claire for making this happen at Gallery Number One.

Here is how the day will unfold:

A selection of images from the book will be framed and displayed for exhibition.

The Frames will make an appearance and perform a few tracks and then sign some books. We will sip a few glasses of wine and then get ready for an amazing gig at Vicar Street with The Frames.

This is all pretty surreal and hard to believe at this point. Never did I imagine that this band I love would one day play for my book launch - not in my wildest fantasy.

The book is only available through retailers and select music Shoppe's in Ireland and online at Unfortunately, folks outside of Ireland can only order online at this point. I will keep everyone posted on availability beyond the Irish border.

A Chicago book launch is also in the works by a couple great venue owners for this fall/winter. I will have a limited amount of books available for this event as well - when it becomes confirmed. There are rumors of a very special guest DJ to make his appearance that night - we shall see!!!

Thanks and Love!

Zoran Orlic