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(E) 100 Years Old Hotel Therapia reopens in Crikvenica
By Nenad N. Bach
Published on 06/13/2006

Hotel Therapia -

Hotel “Nadvojvoda Josip” was built in the most attractive part of Crikvenica in 1895, changing its name in 1899 to Hotel Therapia since a hydropathic institute was established inside it, equipped with the latest physiotherapy at that time. Today Therapia has a modern wellness centre with a hundred year long history unlike any other hotel.

Precisely 100 years after being built according to the design project by the
Austro-Hungarian monarchy’s court architects Fellner and Holmer, Hotel Therapia was completely refurbished in 2005, when it also received all the conveniences and comforts of the 21 century. At the same time, its elegant architecture, created using a moderate blend of ripe secession and historical classicism has been preserved.
Hotel Therapia is a place where the magnificence of the past and the comforts of modern times fuse in harmony.
After its reconstruction, the exterior retained its century old glow tinted with nostalgia, while the inside has been refined and equipped with everything expected in a modern hotel – top quality comfort, advance technologies and offer to make a holiday satisfying and enjoyable.
During the thirties of last century, when Europe was discovering the splendours of life, jazz, sport, dancing and tourism, Hotel Therapia was part of the chain of luxury hotels together with Georg V in Paris and Bayerische Hof in Munich. Today, in the modern meaning of the word, it offers the descendants of the first European tourists a romantic holiday with a taste of the past in a town recognised by the pioneers of contemporary Europe as an ideal place for rest and recovery, noting the beneficial effects of the sea, sun and warm sand on human health. Its name also stems from those times, one which is today a monument to the birth of a new lifestyle.
Hotel Therapia has the values of ancient gold and the magic of first love.

Hotel Therpia
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Brace Buchoffer 12, 51260 Crikvenica, Croatia

tel: +385(0)51 785-063, fax: +385(0)51 785-072

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