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Yoko Nishii's tribute to Dora Pejacevic the greatest Croatian female composer
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić
Published on 03/20/2021

In March 2021, Japanese pianist Yoko Nishii had a pianist concert interpreting compositions by Dora Pejačević (1885-1923, on the photo), who is the greatest Croatian woman composer in history. Mrs Nishii was playing "at a distance", from her home in Japan in the city of Ise, while her audience was in Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Yoko Nishii is fluent in Croatian language. She had as many as 50 soloist concerts in 24 cities throughout Croatia. On 5th March 2021, Yoko Nishii launched a very nice video about Dora Pejačević, based on her own photos from the town of Našice where Dora spent a greater part of her short life.

Dora Pejačević (1885-1923) distinguished Croatian composer

Dora Pejačević (1885-1923) in the music saloon of the Pejačević Palace in Našice, Croatia.
Photo by Elizabeta Drašković, 1912. Source

Dora Pejačević, photo from 1920, Zagreb

Video prepared by Yoko Nishii, Japan,
based on her own photo-collection from the town of Našice, Croatia

Tribute to Dora Pejačević
~on the 98th anniversary of her death~
5 March 2021
Dora Pejačević: Valse de concert Op. 21
Yoko Nishii, piano

Dora Pejačević, portrait by Maxo Vanka, distinguished Croatian painter

Yoko Nishii and Dora Pejačević playing on the same piano.

Portrait of Dora Pejačević that Yoko Nishii obtained as a gift after her very nice concert in the Pejačević Palace in Našice.

Yoko Nishii playin in Našice on the piano of Dora Pejačević.
Photos by the courtesy of Yoko Nishii.

Yoko Nishii with the mixed tamburitza orchestra in Našice.

Yoko Nishii by the portrait of Dora Pejačević from 1905.

Yoko Nishii' concerts in Croatia

  • Lovran (5)
  • Vinkovci (6)
  • Zagreb (7)
  • Rovinj (2),
  • Metković (2)
  • Sinj (3)
  • Ludbreg (2)
  • Našice (2)
  • Opatija (2)
  • Rijeka
  • Pučišća
  • Bol

  • Šibenik
  • Drniš
  • Dubrovnik
  • Medulin
  • Poreč (2)
  • Vukovar
  • Osijek
  • Varaždin
  • Split (2)
  • Sisak (2)
  • Cavtat
  • Zaprešić
  • Zoom concert

As we can see, Yoko Nishii had 50 soloist concerts in as many as 24 Croatian cities and towns!

Yoko Nishii wearing her very nice Vinkovci dress in her home in the city of Ise, Japan.
On her left hand, she is wearing the Orion bracelet produced in Vinkovci (obtained as a gift in 2015)
which represents the oldest Indo-European calendar:

Yoko Nishii's concert in March 2021 from her home in Ise, Japan, via Zoom,
organized by Matrix croatica from Vinkovci, thanks to Dr. Dražen Švagelj and Mr. Silvio Jergović.

Dora Pejačević on Croatian postage stamp, published in 2014.
Designed by Dubravka Zglavnik Horvat.