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MOHO discontinuity discovered by Andrija Mohorovic described in Japan by Kiyoo Wadati already in 1925
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić
Published on 01/25/2018

The title of the 1925 article published by Kiyoo Wadati, distinguished Japanese seismologist, is "On Mohorovičić Wave appeared in Tazima-Earthquake", published in the Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan in No. 8, 1925. It is indeed a big surprise to see such an echo of Mohorovičić's pioneering work in seismology. As we can see, his name appears already in the title of the article. The MOHO discontinuity, the notion now in current use throughout the world, has been discovered in Zagreb by this great scientist in 1909.

Andrija Mohorovičić, distinguished Croatian seismologist, discoverer of the MOHO discontinuity

Andrija Mohorovičić (1857-1936), distinguished Croatian seismologist

The title of the 1925 article published by Kiyoo Wadati, distinguished Japanese sesmologist: "On Mohorovičić Wave appeared in Tazima-Earthquake", Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (web). Ser. II Vol. 3(1925) No. 8, 201-211.
See [PDF]. Many thanks to Yoko Nishii for kindly providing the links pointing to the article and the journal.

From the abstract of the article: "Some seismograms of the destructive earthquake occurred on May 23rd, 1925 in North Tazima district, show distinctly so-called the Mohorovičić wave. One of them is shown in Fig. (4) magnified from the seismograms of Wiechert's 200kg. seismograph installed at the Central Meteorological Observatory in Tokyo. (Epicenter distance about 450km.) ..."

Note that the name of Mohorovičić appears already in the title.

Many thanks to Professor Mirko Orlic (of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts) for this photo.

Kiyoo Wadati also published another article related to the work of Mohorovičić: "On the Mohorovicic Wave Observed in Japan." Geophysical Magazine 1 (1927): 87-96.

Here is the name of Andrija Mohorovičić written in Japanese, provided by the courtesy of Yoko Nishii.

Stjepan Mohorovičić, theoretical discoverer of positronium, with his father Andrija Mohorovičić.

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