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Sandra Perkovic's win in discus trow at European Athletic Championship in Amsterdam 2016
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko ®ubrinić
Published on 07/10/2016
Sandra Perković, one of the greatest Croatian athletes, won gold medal in discus throw at European Athletic Championship in Amsterdam. It is her fourth consecutive win at European Athletic Championships. It is interesting that both silver and bronze medals were won by representatives from Germany. Sandra is the current Olympic and World champion in discus throw. It is indeed rare to see such a dominant athlete at international competitions in the course of the last several years.

Sandra's fourth consecutive win at European athletic championships

Sandra Perković of Croatia after her winning discus throw at European Athletic Championship in Amsterdam 2016.
Photo by EPA/Olaf Kraak.

Croatian athlete won her fourth European gold in a row

Sandra Perković did it again. On July 8, 2016, she outclassed her opponents at the European Athletic Championships in Amsterdam with a throw of 69,97 meters. It is the fourth win in a row for the Croatian discus-throwing star at the European Championships.

Her throw was more than four meters longer than second-placed Julia Fisher. Sandra started the final round with some lighter throws, but took the lead in the fourth round, and in the fifth one managed her winning throw.

Sandra had the explanation for the looser first few throws: “The problem was that the qualification norm for getting into the finals was too low, so there were too many contestants, and the pause between the throws was too long, so one could not get the right rhythm.”

Things reverted to business as usual after the third round, as only the best eight athletes continued the competition, Sandra said and added: “The fifth round is always my best one, and when the discus left my hands I knew it was the one. Maybe it should have happened earlier in the competition, but I hope that this gold is an excellent introduction to the Olympic Games.”

Mission accomplished for Sandra Perković at the European level, next up is defending the Olympic gold in Rio.


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