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Goran Colak Croatian holder of amazing freediving WR 273 m and of the Guinness WR 23min breath hold
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić
Published on 06/26/2016
We provide a short documentary about life and training of most decorated pool freediver in the history of sport. At the time of filmmaking, summer of 2014, Goran Čolak had 10 gold medals from pool World Championships with addition of 8 World records CMAS(5) and AIDA(3) combined. Goran Čolak holds the Guinness WR 23min breath hold. He is multiple world champion and record holder in various free diving disciplines. Guinness WR attempt took place at island Vir in Croatia (20.06.2014), and exact breath hold time was set at record 23 minutes and 01 seconds. These sports are extremely dangerous and require special physical and mental trainings.

Extremely dangerous sport which requires special physical and mental trainings

Goran Čolak, amazing freediver from Croatia's capital Zagreb

Goran Čolak won gold medal at CMAS depth World Championship in Ischia, Italy.
Constant weight dive to 110m, in super hard conditions with strong deep current, bad visibility and rain.
Surface temperature was 22 degrees (13 at the bottom). Source.

Goran Čolak with a few of his gold medals

Goran Colak - World's Best Pool Freediver

A short interview with the World Champion, Croatian freediver Goran Colak - exclusively for

Goran, first I wanna congratulate you to three gold medals on this year World Championship. Again the new world Record in DYN. If I´m not mistaken it is your best WCh in pool ever?

Thank you. Well, not only my own best WCh ever, but the best one for any male athlete in history of free diving. No one ever won 3 gold medals from 3 disciplines at the same championship. So this was my big goal before this championship.

Where did you take power for competing in all disciplines? I'm not asking for physical strength, but rather the psychological.

Well, yes it is hard to be at the top of all pool disciplines, that is correct. I give my best and try to find new chalenges that will push me to train even harder. So far I was successful in finding them, and I hope I will also be in future.

How about your daily routine? How do you prepare? Only training and competing or you have some work and you must have find time for all?

I am a professional free diver, so everything I do is to improve my results and my overall preformance in free diving.

What are your memories of this year's championship? Organization, conditions for athletes, opponents…?

Now I have make almost all of my goals in the swimming pool, I have 3 gold medals from same Wch, I have the most gold medals from Wch in history of sport 6 of them plus one silver. I improve my own DYN WR... There is just few more things for me to do in swimming pool, one of them is DNF WR, and than I can slowly transfer to depth.

What would you say to readers of magazine?

Always believe in what you are doing, never quit, and always give it everything you can. Thank you for your time and good luck in the future.

Thank you Goran. Good luck in Kazan.

Interview by Radek Veverka.  
Photos: recommends a video below - watch Goran's training !



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