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KISHA, the first Croatian smart umbrella that you'll never lose created by Andrija Colak
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić
Published on 05/6/2016

KISHA is the world’s first smart umbrella. Never lose it, always take it with you when it rains. With KISHA, you'll never ever worry about getting soaking wet. It's connected with a mobile app on your iPhone or Android and tells you each morning (or any other time of the day) if it's going to rain. It also reminds you when you leave it in a pub, bar, restaurant or any other public place. Smart? We'd rather say intelligent! The meaning of KISHA in Croatian is RAIN. Of course, you will get umbrella, not rain :) On the photo Andrija Čolak,

KISHA in Croatian language means RAIN; but you will be dry, not wet

Andrija Čolak, creator of KISHA, the first smart umbrella

Testing the Kisha umbrella in the city of Rijeka, Croatia.

The Kisha Smart Umbrella Tells You if Rain is Coming

Oh yee faithful umbrella. Thou, classic accessory devoted to shielding thy owner from rainfall, unconditionally, from beginning to end, never asking for anything in return.

I have to feel a little sorry for umbrellas as their loyalty is seldom matched by their owners. All to often they are asked to go to work in heavy winds, which of course they do without question, only to find themselves being pulverized and bent in half by the evil wind. After valiantly putting up a hopeless fight against such merciless weather, most umbrellas are wounded beyond repair and then cast out and replaced by a younger model.

No accessory gets left behind as much as the umbrella. It’s not rare to see a group of five or more deserted in the corner of a cafe, and I’d bet there are hundreds of thousands of them right now abandoned in taxis, busses and trains around the world.

Umbrellas have been around for almost as long as civilization itself, the ancient Chinese were using them as far back as 3500 B.C, and modern metal-ribbed umbrellas emerged in London in the 1780s. Despite their long history, umbrellas have been overlooked by evolution and have never been particularly smart.

Kisha Smart Umbrella

If an umbrella had the ability to let you know in advance when it’s going to rain, alert you when you’re about to forget it, and even tell you exactly where you left it if you do forget it – that would be pretty smart right? Well, that is exactly what the Kisha umbrella does.

Not only has the Kisha umbrella been touched with the “Smart Stick”, but it can also survive stormy conditions thanks to its windproof design. It’s also impervious to corrosion.

The London-based company sent us one of their smart umbrellas to try out. The first thing we noticed is the high-quality build. It contains a special framework with 16 polyurethane ribs, the stitching is immaculate, and the opening/closing mechanism works a treat.

Kisha is definitely an umbrella that’s built to last, in fact, its makers would like to think Kisha will be the last umbrella you’ll ever need to buy. While reviewing Kisha, I’ve learned there is such thing as a luxury umbrella – I’m sure this brainy brolly falls into that category..

Is it going to rain? Should I take the umbrella or not? It’s always been a bit of a gamble, unless you take the time to check the weather forecast before going about your business, which I suspect most people don’t. Kisha has you covered (literally) as it comes with a mobile app with a built-in weather forecast. If rain is on the way your smartphone will let you know in advance, solving the age-old dilemma.

The brains inside the brolly is a removable Bluetooth chip which slides into the ribbon and sealed inside by velcro. The chip couldn’t be easier to set up with your smartphone – all you need to do is hold down a button for 4 seconds and you’re done.

Owning such a fine umbrella and then accidentally leaving it somewhere just wouldn’t be good, but with Kisha’s anti-losing feature that would be pretty difficult. If you venture too far away from the brolly it will alert your smartphone, which in turn will alert you to go back and get it. If your phone is set to silent or you don’t hear the alert for some other reason, it’s only a matter of time before you realize you’ve forgotten your brolly, and history tells us that relying on memory alone to find it is often unsuccessful. Luckily, Kisha’s mobile app has a “Find Umbrella” feature that integrates with Google Maps and guides you back to the exact spot where you left it.

To prevent unwanted alerts, the Kisha app allows you to set safe locations – areas where your umbrella is safe; such as home, friends house, office, etc. There’s also an option to boost the radius of the alert zone.

The Kisha app is compatible with ios 8.0 + and Android 4.4 + (Bluetooth 4.0). The battery inside the Bluetooth beacon lasts up 12 months and is simple to replace.

Check out to see the full range. The smart umbrella comes with a 3 year warranty on all mechanical parts and stitches, and a 1 year warranty on the Bluetooth chip.

Kisha is without doubt the finest umbrella I’ve ever met...


Kisha smart umbrella - product of Croatia



  • 100% windproof (watch our windproof test video here)
  • 100% corrosion-proof
  • built with a perfect opening and closing mechanism
  • high-precision stitching
  • built with 16 fiberglass ribs
  • 2-year warranty
  • 90-day no-questions-asked return policy


  • 92 cm / 36.22 inches from ferrule to crook handle
  • 108 cm / 42.51 inches from tip to tip

Kisha Mobile App Features

  • Reminds you when you lose your Kisha Umbrella
  • Find it on a map
  • Location aware (boost location radius when in buildings)
  • Weather forecast
  • Notification in the morning if you should take your Kisha Umbrella based on precipitation chance
  • Download the app on App Store
  • Download the app on Google Play
FREE Worldwide Shipping


KISHA test in Warsaw, capital of Poland

In Croatian language, we have a very nice name for umbrella:
In other words, kišobran = "defender from rain".

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