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Marko Bilic wins 2015 Cigar Trophy Ambassador Award
By Marko Puljiĉ
Published on 09/30/2015
Marko Bilic (left) won the 2015 Cigar Trophy Ambassador Award. It is awarded by Cigar Journal magazine and celebrates outstanding performances of cigar manufacturers and individuals in the cigar industry. It was first awarded in 1998 and winners were chosen in online voting. Marko is the founder of the Cigar Smoking World Championship, which is held annually at Club Mareva in Split, Croatia.

Founder of Cigar World Smoking Championships honored with award

Cigar Trophies 2015 Awarded

Outstanding performances of cigar manufacturers and other actors in the cigar industry were honored.

September 19, 2015. The Cigar Trophies 2015 have just been awarded in Dortmund. Yet again, the outstanding performances of cigar manufacturers and other actors in the cigar industry were honored in various categories.

Upon the invitation of Cigar Journal, around 300 guests, among them industry greats, importers and tobacconists, were present at the award ceremony, which was held as part of the Inter-Tabac trade fair. The guests also then attended the fitting celebrations held post-ceremony.

Awarded in 1998 for the first time, the prizes were handed out to the winners this year for the 15th time, adjudged by readers via votes cast online. Only in a few categories were some awards judged by the Cigar Journal jury. These included the prizes for Outstanding Art (Stinky Ashtrays), and the prize for Lifetime Achievement, which this year went to José Pepin Garcia to acknowledge his life’s work.

The Cigar Trophies 2015 were awarded for outstanding cigars in the categories Best Brand 2015, Best Cigar 2015 and Best Value 2015. Among the winners there were three cigar lines from the House of Davidoff, as well as the Montecristo No.2, which was also placed second in 2014 in Cigar Journal’s Top 25 list. Due to an almost equal evaluation based on voting, in the category Best Value Nicaragua 2015, both the Oliva Serie V and Perdomo 20th Anniversary were awarded prizes. Further awards were bestowed for Best Cigar Accessory 2015 (Boveda Humidity Control), as well as the Best Cigar Lounge of the year (Bulgari Hotel London).

The Ambassador Award was won by Marko Biliĉ, initiator of the Cigar Smoking World Championship. The children’s aid organization Camaquito received the Charity & Community Award.

Marko Bilic with Cigar Journal's Publisher Reinhold Widmayer (right).


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