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Mervan Pasic and Darko Zubrinic Croatian mathematicians at the Research Institute of Math Sciences in Kyoto
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic
Published on 12/20/2012
Mervan Pašić and Darko Žubrinić, two Croatian mathematicians from the University of Zagreb, had a great honour to have been invited to Japan in November 2012, to the University of Science in Okayama, and to the prestigious Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences (RIMS) of the University of Kyoto. They both delivered two lectures at two international meetings. In Kyoto they both had 50 min. lectures. The conferences have been superbly organized by Professors Hiroyuki Usami, Satoshi Tanaka and Yuki Naito. On the photo Professors Hiroyuki Usami and Mervan Pašić.

Two Croatian mathematician in the country of the rising sun

Participants of Handayama Differential Equation Seminar [PDF] organized by the Department of Mathematics of the Okayama University of Science 2012: Professors Satoshi Tanaka, Yuki Naito, Manabu Naito, Darko Žubrinić (Croatia), Hiroyuki Usami, Mervan Pašić (Croatia), Shin-Hwa Wang (Taiwan), Kuo-Chih Hung (Taiwan). Photo by Dr. Masakazu Onitsuka.

Professors Masakazu Onitsuka, Mervan Pašić and Hiroyuki Usami at the Okayama University of Science, Japan, November 2012.

Professor Mervan Pašić, University of Zagreb, lecturing about oscillatory solutions of ODE's at the Okayama University of Science

Professor Darko Žubrinić lecturing about latest results obtained jointly with Professor Vesna Županović (University of Zagreb)
on fractal analysis of trajectories of dynamical systems.

Professors Mervan Pašić, University of Zagreb, and Satoshi Tanaka, Okayama University of Science, visiting a museum in Okayama.

Professor Shin-Hwa Wang and Dr. Kuo-Chih Hung from Taiwan, discussing with Croatian mathematician Mervan Pašić,
in the office of Professor Satoshi Tanaka at the Okayama University of Science.

The audience at the Okayama University of Science.

Famous Sangaku (Japanese mathematical problems in geometry) in a Japanese temple.
Professors Satoshi Tanaka, Darko Žubrinić, Shin-Hwa Wang, Hiroyuki Usami, Mervan Pašić; November 2012.

Professors Yuki Naito (Japan) and Mervan Pašić (Croatia) discussing.
 In front of them Dr. Kuo-Chih Hung (Taiwan)  and Professor Satoshi Tanaka (Japan).

Professors Mervan Pašić and Darko Žubrinić, University of Zagreb, in front of the prestigious Research Institute for Mathematical Sciens (RIMS)
at the University of Kyoto in November 2012.

Lectures at the RIMS Workshop at the University of Kyoto, the first day:
Global qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations and its applications [PDF]

Professor Mervan Pašić awaiting for his 50 min. lecture at the presitigios Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences
at the University of Kyoto to start.

Professor Mervan Pašić answering questions after his lecture. On the right Professors Satoshi Tanaka and Hiroyuki Usami.

50 min. lecture by Darko Žubrinić at the Reasearch Institute of Mathematical Sciences (RIMS), University of Kyoto, November 2012,
reporting about current joint work with Professor Michel L. Lapidus (University of California, Riverside) and Goran Radunović (University of Zagreb).

A part of auditorium at RIMS. In the second row Professor Ryuji Kajikiya (in white jacket), Saga University, Japan.

Professors Mervan Pašić, Manabu Naito and Norio Yoshida at the Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences of the Kyoto University.
Professor Pašić is an editor in chief of Differential Equations and Applications, Croatian scientific journal issued by Element,
which has several Japanese mathematicians in its editorial board.

In front of the famous Golden Temple in Kyoto, Professors Darko Žubrinić (Croatia), Satoshi Tanaka (Japan),
Shin-Hwa Wang (Taiwan), Yuki Naito (Japan) and Kuo-Chih Hung (Taiwan). Photo by Mervan Pašić (Croatia).

Professor Mervan Pašić back home at the Department of Applied Mathematics,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb, Croatia,
with a wonderful gift of Professor Norio Yoshida - his monograph on oscillation thery...

...containing the following dedication:

The international conferences in Okayama and Kyoto have been superbly organized
by Professors Satoshi Tanaka, Hiroyuki Usami, and Yuki Naito.

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