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Ante Glibota Croatian historian of art wrote a monograph about young Chinese artist Shi Liru
By Darko Žubrinić
Published on 09/1/2012
The Museum of Art and Urbanity of Shanghai (MAUS) announces the presentation of a comprehensive exhibition of works by the Chinese painter, photographer and sculptor Shi Liru and of a monograph dedicated to the artist published jointly by MAUS and Delight Edition, to be held September 1st 2012. Curator of the exhibition as well as author of the monograph is the art historian Ante Glibota, a titular member of the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters.

Ante Glibota is a French art and architecture historian of international renown, having Croatian origin

Congratulations to Mr. Ante Glibota for his newest monograph published in China.


The Museum of Art and Urbanity of Shanghai (MAUS) announces the presentation of a comprehensive exhibition of works by the Chinese painter, photographer and sculptor Shi Liru and of a monograph dedicated to the artist published jointly by MAUS and Delight Edition. Curator of the exhibition as well as author of the monograph is the art historian Ante Glibota, a titular member of the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters.

The exhibition and monograph will be presented at the exhibition opening on September 1st, 2012 at 14:00 hrs. at the Museum of Art and Urbanity, 120 Maolian Road (Jiuyi Road), Songjiang District, Shanghai, in the presence of the artist and of the author of the monograph and curator of the retrospective exhibition, Mr. Ante Glibota.


Liru Shi was born in 1981 in the borough Haibown of Wuhai City in Inner Mongolia. He completed his primary and secondary education in his hometown. Thereafter he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tianjin, where he graduated in 2005. After graduation he taught in the secondary school attached to the Academy of Fine Arts in Tianjin. Since he was more interested in being an independent artist than in teaching he established himself in Beijing in the art district of Songzhuang where he has lived and worked since 2006. The young artist has developed his own way in a relatively short period of time, dealing with various temptations and all the while achieving a rich and diverse pictorial palette. This balanced personal fugue has taken into account public sentiments as well as artistic critiques. His great curiosity and his refusal of linearity have led him to a concurrency of expression in multiple artistic media: sculpture, photography and painting, without losing his personal touch and independence. Since 2005, when he presented his first solo exhibition at the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, his work has been shown at the Opera Gallery in Paris, followed by exhibitions in London, New York, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. His works are present in some of the most important private and public collections around the world.


A mere ten years on the path of art and thirty years into his life, the exhibition offers a first glimpse of the absolute determination and superhuman effort with which this young artist has devoted himself to his chosen profession: art and artistic research. He has pursued his own path from his early youth, shielded by a fierce determination to defend his scope of interest and his own orientation, bringing to life concepts bearing an internal truth, while his family tried to steer him towards a „stable and secure“ profession. It is precisely this element of truth that Shi Liru has inscribed into his path, drawing rarity from profusion or better, charting his own way in his paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs in a fascinating and coherent work full of promise.

Although his early works are mostly figurative, drawing on well- known references, they already show evidence of an expressive formal concept and of a great sensitivity in the treatment of the subject. For a short period of time he also tried his hand at a sort of lyrical abstraction, an abstraction that showed some promise (the series “Boil“, 2005); but the young artist quickly abandoned that pursuit.

He appropriates the medium of painting for easily legible visual themes in garish and flashy colors, hovering between figurative representations and delicate atmospheres that the artist puts forth with comprehendible subtlety on the surface of the paintings. His figures, in most cases female faces, are painted in bright pink, orange, faded blue, apple green, and sun yellow, showing their bright and flashy eyes as well as their soft skin, indicating the artist’s intent to insert them into some kind of narrative framework. These elements are all the more interesting to note as they are often the physical and psychological result of illusions brought on by the accumulation of objects and details surfacing on the canvases depicting urban themes. In parallel with this series of portraits, the figures painted in fluorescent colors show an appropriate sensitivity that may sooth us. But together and simultaneously these works are subtle analyses, observations and critiques of the human environment, that in their entirety leave a marked impact on the viewer.

Strongly attached to Pop Art culture, Shi Liru also has explored the Chinese revolutionary imagery through historical Chinese figures and urban themes, and more recently, in the same spirit, he has produced a powerful series of pictures inspired by sports. Images ranging from polo to golf testify to his great creative talent with a pictorial inventiveness that offers an authentic experience clearly evident in life’s creative flow.

The artist works without refrain. He explores a theme or series of images, sometimes combining painting with photography and even sculpture, always in pursuit of solutions that balance internal energies, then turning to new ways of exploration in an attempt to put forth another coherent, innovative proposal in inner balance with his soul.


The exhibition covers the past ten years of Shi Liru’s creative output through 135 paintings, photographs and sculptures, among them the most significant works from his beginnings to the present. One can discover his series "Peach Blossom" of 2006-2007, "Temptation" of 2007, "Chinese Smiling" of 2008; also the series "Let us celebrate our Heroes" devoted to polo and golf players from between 2008 and 2010, "Moment of Passion" of 2009 and 2010 as well as the series "Girls" and "Shadow" of 2011.


The bilingual Chinese-English volume in a large format (31 x 24.5 cm) with a hard cover and dust jacket, containing 320 pages, is devoted to the work of Liru Shi and has been published jointly by the Museum of Art and Urbanity Shanghai (MAUS) Delight Edition. It is the result of the work of art historian Ante Glibota who devoted many years of research to the work of this young Chinese artist. Ante Glibota has wanted to present a promising artist, who is both, a sensitive human being and possessed of an acute, overboarding creativity. The different periods of work follow each other in chronological order from the earliest works that the artist has kept to the most recent, reflecting the variety of research and the intensity of the artist’s key concerns and creative processes. The work is tied together in series and in creative periods and represented in generous illustrations, offering coherence and showing the most substantive works, so as to enable the public to fully appreciate the creative wealth and promise of this young artist.

Ante Glibota is a French art and architecture historian of international renown. In 1979 he was appointed artistic director of the Paris Art Center and became its Director General in 1981, a position he held until 1994. Since then he has intensified his many travels around the world: in China, Japan and Korea, in various countries of Europe and America, visiting artists' studios, museums, galleries, universities and academies, focusing on direct contact with architects, designers and artists, and giving lectures at prestigious universities and national academies of arts and sciences. In his professional work he has emphasized the importance of the urban space and of the environment and has devoted special attention to architects and architecture by organizing large exhibitions as well as specific thematic presentations devoted to major representatives of contemporary architectural design. He focuses on the relationship between art and science and their interconnections, organizing numerous conferences, exhibitions and international meetings. He is founder and organizer of an artistic community, that engages an overall sensitivity and total experience, and brings together the creativity of painters and sculptors, poets, writers and playwrights, architects and musicians, scientists and philosophers. Ante Glibota has conceived and organized over 400 exhibitions dedicated to painting, sculpture, architecture and literature in museums and galleries across all continents, including many retrospectives of major contemporary artists and architects, as well as literary events, music and dance performances, seminars and artistic and scientific conferences. He has been the Commissioner and publisher of the event "Arts Olympiad" held in Seoul (South Korea) during the 1988 Olympics where he created one of the largest outdoor sculpture parks in the world. More recently, he was appointed Commissioner and editor of "Art and Sport" organized by the IOC and Adidas for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, with the participation of major international artists in a touring exhibition shown in seven major museums in China and presented at the Today Art Museum in Beijing during the Olympic Games in Beijing. One of his exhibitions "150 Years of Architecture in Chicago" was identified as the most important exhibition of the 20th Century by the French newspaper Le Monde in its supplement “The World - The Century 1900-1999”, published at the occasion of the New Millennium.

Author and editor of over 200 books and catalogues devoted to architecture, contemporary art and literature, he also published many rare books in limited editions in collaboration with leading contemporary artists and poets wrote volumes of poetry illustrated by artists. Ante Glibota has collaborated also with various international art magazines, among them Cimaise, Cahiers d’Art, Paris, Prometheus, Rome, Spirale, Milano, New York Art Magazine, New York City. Since 2010, he has been a member of the editorial board of the journal Science and Society. Ante Glibota is a member of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters and an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects. In 2004, the China International Culture Exchange Center (CICEC) Beijing appointed him as one of five foreign advisors for international cultural exchanges. Since 2010, he has served as Vice President and Chief Curator of the Museum of Art and Urbanity in Shanghai, China. Ante Glibota lives in Paris, France and Shanghai, China.

TIME OF THE EXHIBITION: September 1st, 2012 to October 31st, 2012.

10:00 -17:00 hours, Tuesday to Sunday.

Ms. Wei Huang
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Mr. Prat Oscar van Thiel


MUSEUM ADDRESS: 120 Maolian Road (Jiuyi Road), Songjiang District, Shanghai, PR China.

MAUS 荟珍屋艺术中心将举办史力如个人作品展暨作品集首发式
MAUS荟珍屋艺术中心将举办中国画家、摄影师、雕塑家史力如先生个人作品展,并借此机会,与Delight Edition合作,共同推出其个人作品集。此次作品展的策划人及作品集的文字作者为艺术史学家、欧洲科学艺术和人文学院终身院士安特•格利博达先生。




作品集为汉英双语,共320页,开本31 x 24.5厘米,硬面精装,外加书套,收录史力如作品,由MAUS荟珍屋艺术中心和Delight Edition合作出版。它是艺术史学家安特•格利博达花费多年心血、潜心研究这位年轻的中国艺术家的成果。通过该作品集,安特•格利博希望展示一位前途无量的艺术家,他细腻敏感,同时又以其敏锐的创造力而光彩四射。作品集按照年代顺序,将艺术家在不同时期的作品——从他保存至今的早期作品直到最新创作的作品——一一收入其中。这些作品体现出艺术家广泛的涉猎领域、精深的专业造诣、以及独特的创作手法。作品集以创作系列和时间系列为主轴,配以精美的作品图片,充分反映了艺术家和谐而广泛的创作活动。读者也可以通过该作品集,逐渐发现这位拥有美好前程的艺术家。

安特•格利博达,法国籍,国际著名艺术史及建筑史学家。1979年被任命为巴黎艺术中心艺术总监,1982至1994年担任该中心主任。在此期间,他频繁往来于世界各地,足迹遍及中国、日本、韩国以及许多欧美国家,访问艺术家工作室、博物馆、画廊、高等学府和学术机构。他致力于和艺术家直接接触,在众多著名大学及国家级艺术学院和科学院作相关讲座。在他的职业生涯当中,安特•格利博达强调城市空间和环境在艺术表现中的重要性,尤其注重建筑师和建筑风格的作用,为此,他举办了一系列建筑专题展览,以及介绍当代建筑界代表人物的展览。他发起创立了一个艺术创作团体,主张艺术家依靠其整体感知和完整经历进行创作。该团体会聚了画家、雕塑家、以及与之紧密合作的诗人、作家、剧作家、建筑师、音乐家、科学家、哲学家,等等。安特•格利博达在各大洲策划并组织了不下400个展览,内容涉及绘画、雕塑、建筑和文学,其中包括为数众多的知名艺术家和当代建筑大师的回顾展,同时也举办了多种形式的文学、音乐、舞蹈活动,以及艺术和科学方面的研讨会和讲座。在1988年韩国首尔奥运会期间,他负责策划和组织了名为“艺术奥林匹亚”的盛大展览;期间他在首尔所做的雕塑公园,是世界最大的露天艺术雕塑群。2008年,在由阿迪达斯和北京奥组委共同举办的“共震”-- 运动视界艺术展中,安特•格利博达担任策展人。此次展览吸引了世界众多顶级艺术家参加,在中国七个主要城市的最高等级美术馆巡回展览,并于北京奥运期间在北京的今日美术馆展出。他所策划的另一个展览,“芝加哥150年建筑回顾展”,被法国“世界报”的新千年世纪特刊誉为二十世纪最重要的展览。

安特•格利博达总共撰写和出版了200多部有关建筑、当代艺术和文学方面的著作和画册,并和当代艺术大师及诗人合作,出版了许多发行量很少的珍藏版图书。此外,他还出版过由画家插图的诗集。他的许多出版物作品曾在国际顶级艺术杂志上亮相,包括巴黎的《展墙》(Cimaise)、《艺术杂志》(Cahier d’ art),罗马的《普罗米修斯》(Promethus),米兰的《螺旋》(Spirale),纽约的《纽约艺术杂志》(New York Art Magazine)等等。从2010年起,他成为《科学与社会》(Science and Society)的编委。他还是欧洲科学艺术和人文学院的终身院士,美国建筑学院荣誉院士,等等。2004年,中国国际文化交流中心任命他为国际文化交流外籍顾问,任期五年。


开幕活动:9月1日14 :00~18 :00
公众开放时间:周三至周日10:00~17 :00
媒体联络人:Mme Wei Huang黄微女士
电话: 18621817623
Oscar Prat van Thiel 先生

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