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4 Miro Gavran novels in 4 languages at 2010 Frankfurt International Book Fair
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic
Published on 10/11/2010
Miro Gavran, distinguished Croatian playwright, has appeared with four novels in four languages, Chinese, German, Spanish and English, at the 62nd Frankfurt International Book Fair, October 8, 2010, at the Croatian Exhibition Stand. His books have been translated into as many as 32 languages. Miro Gavran's play "All About Women" was premiered in Warszaw, Poland in July 2010.

Gavran's playes translated into 32 languages and seen by 2 million theatre-goers worldwide

Miro Gavran's plays have been translated from Croatian into 32 languages, including Chinese.

The English edition of Miro Gavran's play now available also in Chinese:

Many thanks to Mr. Miro Gavran for the photo.

62nd Frankfurt International Book Fair
Friday, October 8, 2010 at 11 a.m.
Croatian Exhibition Stand, Hall No 5.0 - E969

Speakers at the promotion

S. Fischer/Traduki, Berlin

Seifert Verlag, Vienna

Leykam international, Zagreb

author, Zagreb


Seifert Verlag, Vienna, Austria
Translated into German by: Klaus Detlef Olof

The intriguing confession of the man who sentenced Jesus Christ to death. Following Pilate’s life from his early youth up to ten years after Christ’s crucifixion, the author speaks out about the moral dilemmas and lives of people without a spiritual footing.

World Affairs Press, Beijing, China
Translated into Chinese by: Kewein Yan
With a wealth of warmth and humour, this novel describes four generations of a quirky Croatian family. We encounter an unexpected chronicle of times not so very long ago that depicts contemporary Croatia and the world-view of its people.

ITG, Zagreb, Croatia
Translated into English by: Nina H. Kay-Antoljak
A love story that unfolds in Zagreb and on the island of Malta in the present day. The hero is a lonely  fortyyear-old in love with a mysterious young woman. Playing with the truth and lies interweaved in life, this novel also employs diverse story-telling perspectives and offers unforgettable reading pleasure.

RIL EDITORES, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Translated into Spanish by: Željka Lovrenčić

The story of a slightly mentally challenged young man who, after having spent sixteen years at a special school, returns to his family. Neither his brother and sister nor the family’s neighbours had known of his existence. Removed from the only world he had known, he has difficulty in adapting to his new environment. He starts to keep a diary in which, with humour and warm emotion, he uncovers both himself and the people around him.

El hijo olvidado
(Forgotton Son)

MIRO GAVRAN (1961) is a contemporary Croatian writer whose works have been translated into 32 languages. His novels have gone through more than 150 different editions at home and abroad. He has written nine novels: FORGOTTEN SON, HOW WE BROKE OUR LEGS, CLARA, MARGITA, JUDITH, JOHN THE BAPTIST, PONTIUS PILATE, THE ONLY WITNESS TO BEAUTY, and KAFKA’S FRIEND.

He is also a successful playwright and his plays have had more than 200 theatre first-nights and have been seen by more than two million theatre-goers worldwide. Characteristic to all his texts are: a strong story, emotional characters and a positive stance towards life. His themes frequently relate to  male-female relations, and family and political manipulation. He is the only living author in Europe to have had a theatre festival dedicated to their works – the GAVRANFEST founded in Slovakia in 2003. He is so popular at home that his readers set up his FAN CLUB in Croatia some ten years ago. He has received some twenty awards in Croatia and abroad including THE EUROPEAN CIRCLE AWARD  given for affirmation of European values in literary work, and the 1999 CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME LITERARY AWARD for the year’s best author in the region. He lives in Zagreb as a professional writer.

Miro Gavran's play "All About Women" was premiered in Warszaw, Poland in July 2010


Hrvatski književnik Miro Gavran imao je 29. lipnja premijeru svoje drame “Sve o ženama“ u CAPITOL TEATRU u Varšavi u Poljskoj. Prijevod na poljski jezik načinila je Anna Tuszynska, redatelj je Tomasz Obara, dok su u glavnim ulogama nastupale Dorota Delag, Magdalena Nieć i Daria Widawska.

Ova Gavranova drama do sada je imala trideset premijera širom svijeta, i uz „Ljubavi Georgea Washingtona“ njegova je najizovođenija drama.

Prvi put je izvedena premijerno 2000. godine u Zagrebu, a potom je svoje premijerne  izvedbe imala širom svijeta počev od Buenos Airesa, Rio de Janeirea i Mumbaia, pa sve do Bratislave, Krakova, Praga, Ljubljane, Sarajeva, Mostara, Trnave, Liepaje, Klaipede....

U ovoj drami tri glumice igraju svaka po pet uloga u pet priča koje se uzajamno Isprepliću, oslikavajući suvremene žene u različitim dramskim situacijama.

Djela Mire Gavrana do sada su prevedena na više od 30 jezika, njegove drame i komedije imale su više od 200 premijernih izvedbi, a njegove predstave je do sada vidjelo više od dva milijuna gledatelja.

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